Why Nature Writing?

America has had a long and arduous relationship with its wild spaces.  It has taken many years for us to get to know natures as we see it today.  From the founding of our National Parks Service, to our current understanding of climate change and our changing habits associated with it, the road to complete harmony with nature is still being paved, but the current understanding is a wide agreement that we do not know all there is to know and that in the mean time we should tread lightly.

For a little more than two centuries, writers have wandered out into the unknown to seek something within themselves, to become inspired, and to build a relationship with nature.  They have come back from their travels, however long or short, with a newfound respect for the wilderness and a poetic interpretation in this regards.  Henry David Thoreau might have only been a mile or two away from town, but his year at Walden Pond proved useful in sparking not only a movement inside himself, but the yearning for that same experience from others.

With this blog as a platform, I plan to explore the phenomenon surrounding this and many more experiences of writers in nature and how they inspire people to action.  I seek to answer the question of why.  Why does nature writing consistently inspire so much action and poeticism in its readers?


3 thoughts on “Why Nature Writing?

  1. I love your topic. It’s such an important topic and I think information is key to finding that “harmony with nature” you discussed. I love your writing style and there is a clear sense of passion for the environment shown through your piece. I look forward to reading your discoveries!


  2. As our community becomes more and more urban, I am glad you are tackling this topic since the majority of people here no longer have that same connection the authors did just a few years ago. For example, most of what I know of what nature looks like are from pictures, I am glad people such as yourself are able to turn to books, and showcase to the world by looking towards literature. Nice work!


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