Last Day Response

As this blog began as a project for a college course, I had the opportunity to refine not only my knowledge of the subject matter, but also my ability to make an informed argument on the subject at hand.  For this blog, it has been the idea that nature writing inspires people beyond wanting to read more.  Nature writing has gotten people off of their sofas and into the great outdoors, seeking adventures they never dreamed they could possibly complete.

Due to the nature of this blog, on the last day of class we were prompted to do a reflection on our personal blogging experiences.  Because I have written for various online news blogs and have run my own blog for many years, I began this course project with a solid knowledge of how to operate a blogging platform.  Although I am new to WordPress, after about a days worth of clicking around on this site I was able to use this platform without difficulty.  The only tech support I needed came from asking people who were more familiar with WordPress than I am to show me a few simple tips and tricks.  Google is also a kind friend, filled with answers to most reasonable tech questions.  Learning HTML code for a more refined blog is as simple as Googling exactly what you’d like to learn.

Writing for an audience came naturally to me due to my previous writing experience, but figuring out the tone to use for this specific audience came more slowly.  By reading outdoor blogs and blogs about literature with a somewhat casual/academic crossover, I was able to fine-tune the style and tone on my own blog.

Delving deep into a topic such as the one seen on this blog is out of character for me on a casual level, but I hope to explore more niche topics regarding literature and expand this blog into a broader lit-as-life exercise.  After this course is over there will be tags and tabs for each subject.  I plan on looking at children’s lit next, then young adult, science fiction, and even different eras of literature and how each of these genres have affected and inspired readers.




One thought on “Last Day Response

  1. I think you’re too nice on wordpress. This site is hell to figure out and I still don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t wait to see what you post next. I honestly don’t care much for nature writing, but you bring some interesting ideas to the table and I can’t wait to see what you bring up as you expand this blog into more aspects of literature (maybe fantasy?).


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