Hello, readers.  My name is Cal and I am a college student studying English Literature in sunny Southern California.

The aim of this blog is to document my findings and ramblings associated with the topic of Nature Writing and its influence on the psyche of its readers.  There are many ways in which this phenomenon takes form; some people go into nature to discover the wilderness on their own, some people aim to be inspired and create their own poeticism based on nature, some people become more environmentally friendly citizens, while others are so moved by environmental nature writing that they become activists in their own conservational or preservational movements.  Specifically, I will be using this blog to explore how nature writing affects the mental and physical wellbeing of people who admire this form of writing.  In my research, I have seen that there is a correlation between the reading of this genre and the urge to go outside and be fit.

Throughout this blog you will find information on the influencers, the people who have become inspired, and the overall data associated with human reactions and responses to nature writing.  I encourage you as a reader to become more involved by commenting about your personal experiences with this genre.